New collection

It's Herstory is a collection that speaks to the many sides of being a multifaceted woman. They are physical manifestation of your day's mood. This ensemble of luxuries three pieces and delicate slips are our storytellers. The silk material of the pieces glide on the  body creating the perfect silhouette.

They were made for movement and flow with the body in flattering rhythm while remaining discrete. They are the  perfect airy companion for warm weather. Carefully chosen and designed to walk with you through your day and into the night, reflecting back to the world all the ways in which you wish to be seen. 

Inspired by the brilliant women around us, we wanted this collection to reflect the ways we as women tell the world who we are through the language of fashion. How somedays we are fearless and audacious and other days we want the calm and serenity of comfort and stillness. We are excited for this collection to tell those stories with you.  

It's HERstory